🎵 teaching hand washing one note at a time

Welcome to nrtrd™ : the first soap that teaches proper hand washing through music while increasing moisturization by 84%

what do we offer

nrtrd care packages

family musical soap

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1 musical pump dispenser

Mother Nature's hand soap

20 second guided wash song

increases hydration by 84%

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Refill bottle for 4X soap

Mother Nature's hand soap

Great for the environment

increases hydration by 84%

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what are we about

nrtrd was born last March when the pandemic was in its early days. Our hands were dried and cracked from all of the harsh soaps we were forced to use, coupled with our frustration in not really knowing the proper way to wash. The light bulb went off when we saw our kid's toothbrush illuminate for 2 minutes to show them how long to brush their teeth - why can't this be done with soap?

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