stress-free bundle

Are you worried your kids are not washing their hands properly for the full 20 seconds?

Introducing nrtrd (pronounced nurtured) - the first patented musical soap that teaches a full 20-second hand hygiene through song 👏 - keep your Kids safe today!

As seen on ABC News and Made in America

nrtrd is educational - inspired by the CDC hand hygiene steps

nrtrd is fun - press play below to listen to the song in the soap pump

nrtrd is loved - used by thousands of families, schools and day cares

this bundle gives you 4 full musical soap pumps with 2 refill bottles - good for 4 months of use!

SONG LYRICS 🎵 "hand over hand, scrub in between your fingers, switch (x2) / put your palms together, lace your fingers rub a dub / grab your thumbs back and forth scrub scrub scrub / make a cup with your fingers round and round switch now you're done / wash with nrtrd soap so soft and fun" 🎵

    Supplies limited so hurry before we sell out!